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Warrants in Weber County UT may be issued to search for and seize property or evidence and apprehend suspects.
Warrants may also be used in the execution of monetary judgments.

Last but not least, the court might issue a bench warrant for arresting a defendant who has failed to make a scheduled court appearance.
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Weber County Warrant Search Options.

Weber County Sheriff Office (WCSO Warrant Search)
1400 Depot Dr, Ogden, UT 84404
Phone: (801) 778-6602

2nd District Court (Felony, Misdemeanor)
2525 Grant Ave Ogden, UT 84401
Public Search Terminal – Yes

Justice Court (Misdemeanor, Infractions, Traffic)
310 26th St Ogden, UT 84401
Public Search Terminal – Yes

Ogden City Police Department
2186 Lincoln Ave, Ogden, UT 84401
Phone: (801) 395-8221

Roy Police Department
5051 S 1900 W, Roy, UT 84067
Phone: (801) 774-1011

Warrants in Weber County Can Be Located Online

Online warrants may be found in a few different ways when doing a Weber County warrant search. To find out whether any warrants are currently active in your state or county, you should look for databases provided by the agencies that issued the warrants.
A common approach is visiting the website of your local law enforcement department or the court system.
A good nationwide public record database will provide a plethora of results; these are private resources that gather records from multiple sources and states compiled into a single search website.

Court Records May Be Accessed By The Public

You may look up arrest warrants using the case number, the date, or the defendant’s name with the right Weber County court record database.
If the local court provides a database online, there should be a search box on the court’s website where you may input the name or the case number to find the result you’re looking for.
You may search by date or defendant name if you do not know the case number. The case number will allow you to look for a specific case on the court’s website. You may need to contact the court in question if you’re having a hard time using their system.

Wanted Persons List of the Weber County Sheriff's Office

The Weber County sheriff or the police department can assist you in your quest for warrant information.
Law enforcement has access to the warrant database that provides information about outstanding warrants in their jurisdiction.

Weber County Bench Warrants

Weber County bench warrants are often issued for those who have missed their court date.
But also for:

  • Refusal to pay a monetary penalty.
  • A failure to conduct community service as required by the court.
  • A breach of probation has occurred.

Weber County Arrest Warrants

The judge is responsible for determining whether or not there is probable cause to believe that a crime has been committed and that the individual listed in the warrant is the one who committed the crime based on the evidence and testimony offered by the prosecution. A judge will sign a Weber County arrest warrant if there is sufficient evidence to justify an arrest.

Warrant For Fugitive Arrest

When a wanted individual evades capture by the police, a fugitive warrant is carried out. Under the warrant’s terms, the individual will be apprehended and extradited to the requesting state.

Search Warrant

A judge-issued search warrant authorizes Weber County law enforcement to enter a specified area and conduct a search for evidence of criminal activity.
Even with a search warrant, the police still have to follow procedures. Officers may only search the area specified in the warrant and can only take what they are looking for.

Weber County Warrant Searches For Free

A search for an active Weber County warrant doesn’t have to cost you a dime.

  • Using a search engine, like Google or Yahoo. To find websites that will let you search for outstanding warrants in your state, just key in the phrases “outstanding warrants” and the name of your state.
  • Alternatively, check the local police or sheriff’s website to see whether a warrant is posted there.

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