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Examining a Salt Lake County criminal record helps determine if an individual has a history of criminal activity. The most common method includes accessing a state or county’s criminal records database, which government agencies preserve and update. These databases house details on arrests, convictions, sentences, and other crime-related details within their area.

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Salt Lake County UT Local Criminal Record Resources

3rd District Court (Felony, Misdemeanor)
450 S State St Salt Lake City, UT 84111
Web Search
Public Search Terminal – Yes

Salt Lake County Justice Court (Misdemeanor, Infractions, Traffic)
2001 S State St, Rm S4-300 Salt Lake City, UT 84114
Web Search
Public Search Terminal – Yes

Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office (SLCSO)
3365 S 900 W, South Salt Lake, UT 84119
Phone: (385) 468-9898
Inmate Lookup
Most Wanted
Sex Offender Registry

Salt Lake City Police Department
475 S 300 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84111
Phone: (801) 799-3000
Background Clearance Request
Public Record Request

Salt Lake County Court Records

Court records are a reputable resource to establish if someone has a criminal record in Salt Lake County UT. Being public documents, the majority of people can access them.
Still, there might be restrictions on the available info and its usage. To access these records, one must know the individual’s name and the court where the trial occurred.

Salt Lake County Police Records

To locate an individual’s Salt Lake County police record, check with the local law enforcement. Alternatively, many state police offer access to police records.

Arrest Info

Arrest records can shed light on an individual’s criminal past in Salt Lake County UT. However, accessing them can be difficult. Local sheriff’s departments usually manage these records, and each has its own protocol for public access. Numerous sheriff’s departments feature websites describing how to gain access to arrest records and showcasing current arrests.

Inmate Info

To inspect if someone has a Salt Lake County felony conviction, one can also take a look at inmate records. To locate inmate records, you can search online, check with the sheriff’s office in the county of conviction for jail inmates, and go to the state DOC website for prison records.

Criminal Record Types:


Typically associated with low-level offenses, Salt Lake County infractions represent minor legal violations less extreme than misdemeanors. Penalties for infractions generally involve fines without imprisonment.


In Salt Lake County a misdemeanor is a mid-level criminal activity categorized as violent or non-violent. Violent misdemeanors encompass criminal activities involving force or threat, like battery, assault, and domestic violence. Conversely, non-violent misdemeanors – such as minor possession, DUI, disorderly conduct, or trespassing – do not include force or its threat.

Salt Lake County Felony Records

A Salt Lake County felony conviction has various effects. The most immediate is imprisonment. Convicts often face obstacles with opportunities in life and might struggle to rejoin society. They may also lose certain civil rights, such as voting or gun ownership. A felony conviction is usually a permanent mark on one’s record.

Salt Lake County Sexual Offender Registry

To access records of registered sex offenders within your region, you can liaise with the local Salt Lake County sheriff or police department. Alternatively, each state maintains a public sex offender registry, searchable by name, address, or city.

Salt Lake County Dui/Dwi Info

DUI records in Salt Lake County are normally public, allowing anyone knowledgeable about the procedure to access them. To search someone’s DUI records, your best choice is the local DMV or the court clerk’s office.

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